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GETTING TO KNOW THE MATERIALBecome familiar with our company. Our company is an association of leading brokers and analysts with appropriate technical equipment that enables everyone, who wishes to do so, to invest money in cryptocurrency exchanges on the most favorable terms.
THE INVESTMENT PROPOSAL There is an offer for you to invest your available funds in cryptocurrency trading. Our clients’ funds are distributed differentially between different brokers and in different trade directions, which allows us to minimize the risks and guarantee a stable income for you. Moreover, in our company, all of the investment risks are insured, so you have no reason to worry about your invested money. The minimum deposit is only $ 10, so anyone can start his/her successful investment activity with us.
REGISTRATION PROCESSIn order to register at our website, you need to enter the data into your newly created account. It will be assigned exclusively to you; and due to reliable security certificates, as well as modern software and hardware of our company, we will be able to keep your data safe. You can also participate in the affiliate program, inviting other people into our system – you will also receive an additional reward for that.
BALANCE REPLENISHMENTIn our system, you can replenish your account balance through different payment systems and currencies. We accept replenishment through such systems as Bitcoin, AdvCash, Payeer, Perfect Money (BTC and USD). The currency of your profit withdrawal is the same as the currency of your deposit.
OPENING OF DEPOSIT You can open a deposit in USD or in BTC. Let us recall that the deposit withdrawal is possible to the payment system, which was used to open the rate plan.
PROFIT-MAKING Your profit is received instantly after you submit a withdrawal request. You can withdraw the earned money at any time. All fees are included in the investment plans initially, so you get exactly as much money, as you keep track of in your personal account.